When we’re together..

We can be crazy together
Just entertain the thought …
Two lunatics in tandem
Free fallin’ towards the sun.
They sought chemistry
We made music
Love birds on the tree?
We are monkeys!
It’s different ,
It’s weird but true
I’m safe in your place .
I’m psycho but sane when you’re smiling.
Your songs of hope and cheer
And those sips of chilled beer
Gushing down the throat ,
While breathing the buoyant salted air,
And sporting among the waves
To gather shells on sandy beach,
And tempt the gloomy caves.
The time worth living,
Sitting under the stars
Tuning your fender guitar
You are whatever a moon has always meant
And whatever a sun will always sing
Our hearts washed in innocence
Happiness, it will always bring.

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Le meilleur est à venir.

Quand j’était avec toi,
La vie était une chanson
Et chaque jour était une harmonie
Mais maintenant tout s’est estompé.
Je pense…
Je pense sur cette personne
La personne que je n’aurai jamais…
Mais il y a une raison,
Le passé est dans le passé
Vous avez seulement autant de place dans votre vie…
Pour les gens qui méritent
Il y a des chances
Et si quelqu’un est dans le passé,
Ils méritent d ‘y rester.

The stars know it all..

Who knew we’d ever cross paths?
Who knew we’d share smiles?
Who knew I’d gaze within your deep brown eyes?
Perhaps, the stars already knew
Meeting you was dèjà vu.
That moment, too good to be true
As days went by my feelings grew.

Our first kiss,
So passionate, I still miss
The thoughts of which I memorize
Still make the butterflies in me arise.
Who knew the feelings would grow so intense?
Who knew life without you wouldn’t make sense?
Perhaps, the stars already knew
Perhaps, something new for me and you.

Your hilarious laugh, your silent cries,
I wish to be a part till I die.
Let’s fly high way beyond the infinite sky,
Come on!  Hold hands, uggh! I sigh!
Because who knows what the future holds? Yet let’s be strong and bold.
Who knows what’s written in the stars?
But hey, That’s fate!
So, let’s be patient and wait.